Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall time in the Honey Bee World

I'm not going to lie, GW has some pretty incredible photographers. Lucky for Food Justice, these two wonderful photographers, Jessica and William, LOVE our honey bees and just can't get enough. For the second time, the kiddos came out with their massive cameras to don bee suits and make like a photo shoot. The never neglect to tell me that projects like shooting the bees is what makes their jobs so awesome. Go Food Justice! for providing entertainment for GW's dedicated photographers and Thank You Jessica and William for making us look so legit. Much love, guys. are the rest of the goods!


Yours Truly.

She took a liking to my glove.

All the baby brood has emerged! The hive is full of nurse bees.

Interested in getting involved with GW's honey bees? Join the Colonial Swarm this Winter while we build a bunch more boxes and introduce brand new colonies to the Mount Vernon Campus.

*Photos courtesy of Jessica McConnell (Burt). We <3 you.

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