Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creative Composting

Urban agriculture requires much attention to soil building and composting. Our compost bin gets just as much TLC as our plants do, in fact. Anyone on campus or in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood is more than welcome to bring their food scraps to our compost bin. If you are interested in do this keep a few things in mind:
-no meat or bones
-no grease or oil
-try for mostly raw kitchen waste
-we also take any paper waste, tissues, paper towels, newspaper, notebook paper, etc. Make sure to rip it up

Erin and I had a catch-up session with our friendly compost the other day and visiting our bin bearing gifts! We brought a bag full of beer mash from our stellar friend Farmer John from the the Farm at Walker Jones Elementary. Beer mash is the hulls of the hops before they are processed into beer. They are more or less pure nitrogen, which rocks for soil building.

If you have any questions about composting or bringing your compost to the garden, feel free to email Food Justice at

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