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A small group of us at The George Washington University assembled in February 2009 with the goal of creating a garden on campus, we never expected to be so wholly embraced by the GW and Foggy Bottom communities. GroW and the Food Justice Alliance are completely student organized. Becoming vegetable farmers and beekeepers involves a steeper learning curve than some might think. None of our success would be possible without the tremendous support we have received, making this a true community effort.

The Food Justice Alliance seeks to educate, unite and mobilize students of The George Washington University and community members of Washington, DC, to restore the environment, promote community, build relationships, and pursue justice through food for a local and sustainable food system. Through the GroW Community Garden we offer students and community members a place to learn about native, organic food systems by providing service opportunities in sustainable gardening, food distribution, and community outreach. We also raise awareness through education and advocacy around issues of local food production, environmental justice, and developing a strong local economy.

Mission and Vision
The mission of the GroW Community Garden is to restore the environment, promote community, build relationships, and pursue justice through gardening. 

We envision a community garden that allows students, staff and neighbors to connect with food production through service-learning. 

We aim to engage students, faculty, staff and neighbors of all backgrounds in the food production process and to allow not just out volunteers to benefit from what we grow, but also the people in our community. 

We work towards the day when edible, sustainable landscaping, composting, nutrition and food system related curriculum, and healthy, seasonal, local food option are the norm on all three GW campuses.

Our Programs
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GroW Community Garden encompasses many programs. Our main garden consists of nine triangular raised bed planters and six fruit trees. We grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Currently, 80% of our crop is donated to Mariam's Kitchen for use in their meals. Our summer Garden Fellow Melissa Edison is developing the new GroW On The Vern to begin production for fall 2010 with fruits, vegetables, and fruit trees. GroW On The Vern will be tended to by students from the eco-friendly Pelham Hall Living Learning Programs, as well as faculty and staff on Mount Vernon.

GroW recently began an urban beekeeping initiative with Assistant Vice President Paula Lawley and Sweet Virginia. We will be keeping and maintaining four beehives on the Mount Vernon campus and eventually offering beekeeping workshops to all, as well as harvesting out own honey. 

Our students are also involved in advocacy efforts, including a joint committee to improve food offered at J Street Cafeterias and the Urban Food Policy Task force to lead GW into further food sustainability efforts, such as creating food related classes.

We are also working with Diane Knapp to develop nutrition workshops for GW students. They will teach students how to eat smarted, cook healthier, and think closer to home for their food.

GroW is also involved in an urban birding program with Mariam's Kitchen. Their volunteers, as well as members of the Foggy Bottom Garden Club constructed birdhouses that provide homes for wildlife.

During the summer of 2010, students from School Without Walls will use GroW as a site to learn about urban gardening, as well as participate in community service.

Meet Our Leadership
The GroW Community Garden is run by an Executive Board of student leaders elected by their peers each fall, to follow the planting season. For the Spring and Fall of 2013 they are:

President: Haley Burns
Class: 2015

Programming Vice President: Mari-Claire Dart
Class: 2014

Organizing Vice President: Miles Milliken
Class: 2014

Outreach Vice President: Cavan Kharrazian
Class: 2015