Sunday, October 24, 2010

MicroFarm on First and K NW

Several omens have led me to this farm in the past few months. First, a photographer from GW mentioned it to me to find. It has been on my go-to-visit list in my planner since August. Next-- I saw a video clip about this farm on Then--I went on a bike tour of gardens in elementary school grounds in DC, a stop on the tour was here. I arrived and immediately recognized it from the video clip. The tour wasn't more than a cursory glance which made it even more imperative that I come back again. This morning, I grabbed Erin, fellow food justice member and just...kind of..showed up at this said MicroFarm, hoping to be put to work by creator and farmer, John Cochran.
Lucky for us, John welcomed our help and we tended the collards patch together. As we picked off harlequin beetles, some neighborhood kids came to join us, watering, weeding, and asking endless intuitive questions.

John started this farm in July and donates the majority of the harvest to DC Central Kitchen. (Sounds like another urban agriculture project I know..) Students from Walker Jones Elementary School and residents from the neighborhood all come out volunteer on the farm. The photo above is of John, KK, and Erin all tending the massive collards patch. Also growing on the farm is kale, swiss chard, turnips, carrots, sunflowers, herbs, figs, and other fall vegetables. To learn more about the Farm at Walker Jones, go to John's blog,

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