Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chickens say WWOOF

Pictured above, myself, Melissa Eddison and Erin McCluskey, had an incredible experience working on a rural organic farm in Panama this winter break. One of the most gratifying jobs we were given was to tend the chickens. Although I consider myself a learned gardener, chickens were a new ball game for me. They squawk and peck at you and flap their wings a ton when they get flustered and it just makes me flustered and I start flapping my arms like a chicken too. On the farm, I really had little choice, either be a chicken or be above the chicken. I did my best to accomplish the latter.

Erin was very calm around the chickens, a chicken whisperer, if you will. This chicken was named Petcho, he was too rogue for the coop and escaped every time we put in him there. He just foraged around the farm for worms and bugs, too cool for the chicken feed.

These were the meet hens and we about 6 weeks and 1 pound away from being dinner! They sure were cute though.
More posts about our time on the farm coming soon and maybe even some video!!

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